The Book


Behind R.O.N.O.D.


“As Royal Lords, we referred to ourselves as family, and for many of the younger members, the gang was their main support system good or bad.”

R.O.N.O.D. (Relay Officer Nuclear Operations Division) is a fictional depiction of street gang activities in major cities throughout the world. The backdrop of our story however, is the west-side of the city of Chicago, Illinois.

ronod_bookThe focus is mainly on one particular family, consisting of four young men and their sister. As you explore the fine details of their life and their interaction with the people they meet along the way, keep in mind a single common denominator; which ask the question (What If)?

Two of the brothers are sentenced to the Illinois state penitentiary, and as a result they bestow upon their younger brother total power and authority over all gang activity. Being given such power is not unusual among street gangs, as fathers and mothers, older brothers and uncles are incarcerated, leaving younger family members to pick-up the baton of the illegal drug trade in Americas ghettos, mainly, but other nations as well. Robert Brown (Bone) is given such power and rules the Royal Lords street-gang with the intelligence and skills past down to him by his older brothers.

Bone's loyalty to his brothers is unbending as time passes and he matures in age. One day after committing a major crime he develops a distaste for the life he has inherited. After some soul searching he stands up declares his desire to do something different with his life. To his surprise this revelation is met with very little resistance and support comes to him from many different directions. Bone also discovers as he travels down this road less traveled that a new world opens up. His confidence abounds with newly discovered talents and skills as he make new friends that are eager to assist him on this journey of enlightenment.


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